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Introductory course on the design of a 4kW, 1800RPM V-type IPM motor

The videos of this course are free and available on my YouTube channel, for design content please contact me via the contact form (or WhatsApp or Skype is better for me to check and respond faster).

The content fee is €50 and it will be shared via Google drive perpetually,  you will have access to all future updates. If you want to get access please let me know your name and Gmail to raise the invoice.

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  1. Suraksha Hirani


    It is a good course content especially for recent graduates and students pursuing Electrical Engineering to gain industrial skills. Wish to attend it.

  2. Ahmed J. Ali


    I can not find the Matlab codes used in doing optimizations in sections 29 and 30. Thanks alot.

  3. Ahmed


    Hallow Dr.,
    I need a lectures about optimization methods of V-type PMSM as well as deep bar induction motor. Also, how to apply these methods on Maxwell an MATLAB and show the results.

    Best regards

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