Software development for the design of a double rotor axial flux motor

In this project, we developed an application for the design and analysis of a double rotor axial flux motor. The ...
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Test, Disassembly, and FEA of a Single Phase Induction Motor

In this project, a single-phase induction motor for a high-speed fan application was investigated. Download Report File ...
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In this project a 3HP, 3000RPM permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor was designed for pumping application. A software tool ...
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In this project a 30kW, 20kRPM surface permanent magnet synchronous motor was designed for CNC application. The below figure shows ...
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Request a high-performance computer (128 Cores, 5.8GHz, 8TB NVMe SSD, 256GB RAM) for large-scale problems and extensive optimizations
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