Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Design engineer, computational software developer.

Special Skills:
Electrical Machines Design,

*** [Ansys Maxwell] &[Excel]& [Infolytical MagNet] & [MATLAB] & [Expert in Scripting] &[Python]***

Electric Motor Drive & Control,
Power System Analysis,
Power Electronics (Power Supplies, Converters, Drives),
Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic,
Design of Electromagnetic Equipment.

General Skills:
Dynamical Systems (Design, Analysis, Control, Simulation, and Validation of Systems)
Expert in PDEs and ODEs,
Finite Element Solver Developer,
Numerical Optimization,
Advanced Computational Methods in Engineering.

*Expert in PDEs for different disciplines such as electromagnetic, thermal analysis, solid mechanics, and fluid mechanics.

*Computational software developer, stand-alone and under the web.

Request a high-performance computer (128 Cores, 5.8GHz, 8TB NVMe SSD, 256GB RAM) for large-scale problems and extensive optimizations
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