“EMDLAB” is a numerical package developed under MATLAB environment for design and analysis of electromechanical equipment such as electrical machines, transformers, actuators and etc.

EMDLAB is a library of MATLAB objects. According to your desired design, you should choose proper modules and use them in order to get valid results.

EMDLAB is under developing. Developed solvers are:

  • Two dimensional magneto-static & electrostatic (in XY plane, Axisymmetric)
  • Two dimensional magneto-frequency (in XY plane, Axisymmetric)
  • Two dimensional magneto-dynamic solver (without any moving object)
  • Two and Three dimensional static structural
  • Two and Three dimensional thermo-static and thermo-dynamic
  • Two and Three dimensional DC and AC conduction
  • Robust Two dimensional magneto-dynamic (fully time stepping considering motion) solver
  • Robust three dimensional magneto-static solver
  • Two and Three dimensional dynamic structural solvers
  • General purpose MEC (Magnetic Equivalent Circuit) solver
  • PEC (Power Electronic Circuit) elements library

CAD imports for FEA solvers:

  • DXF
  • STEP

Using EMDLAB we can develop customized stand-alone software according to your design. Our products are easy to use, fast and cost effective. We can develop any numerical subroutines in MATLAB according to your needs for purposes such as optimization. EMDLAB is capable of coupling commercial software using following modules:

  • emdlab_maxwell
  • emdlab_magnet
  • emdlab_excel




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