In this project a 3HP3000RPM permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor was designed for pumping application. A software tool developed for analytic & FEA design of motor using EMDLAB package. The below figure shows the sketch of the motor:

The below figure shows the software:

Design Steps:

  • Analytic design using object oriented programming in MATLAB
  • Calculation of magnetic-loading by FEA
  • Calculation of flux linkage for aligned and unaligned positions and calculation of saliency ratio
  • Optimizing rotor geometry by powerful built-in MATLAB optimization functions
  • Calculation of static torque versus stator phasor current angle
  • Calculation of motor torque map
  • Steady state simulation of motor and calculation of motor efficiency
  • Calculation of torque-speed curve and efficiency map

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    Mr Ali
    What version of Matlab and what minimum modules are required for running the object oriented program?. Will it be shared if we take up this course? Is the PMaSynRM course open? If yes can u share the course content, fee and deliverables?

    • Reply

      MATLAB 2018.a or newer version, OOP is in advanced courses. To register for the course, please message me on Skype, my Skype id: info.emdlab

  2. Vaibhav Dhikale


    Sir I want design data for development of ipmsnyrm motor 3 phase. Calculation. Therefore I sent my e mail id thank you sir

  3. Avinash B


    sir, i am in need of the course for design of SynRM and PM-SynRm, Please help.
    thank you

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