Design, prototyping, and testing of a single-phase transformer

In this course, we will learn how to size and evaluate the performance characteristics of a single-phase transformer using the magnetic equivalent circuit method. Then, we will use 2-D and 3-D finite element simulations to verify our analytic design. Finally, we will prototype and test the transformer to evaluate the performance characteristics experimentally.  Request Course

Axial-Flux Induction Motor Design Course

In this course, we will follow the electromagnetic design of three case-study motors: Axial-flux induction motor (Double stator) Axial-flux induction motor (Double rotor) Axial-flux induction motor (Single stator and single rotor) In these examples, we will do analytic and finite element analysis. Please let me know if you have any questions via the following link:

Axial-Flux Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Motor Design Course

Request Course Content Course Title: Advanced Course on Design of a FSCW Axial-Flux PM Motor Detailed course content: Course notes + standards Analytic Excel design file MATLAB mfiles and SIMULINK files FEA Simulation files The videos of this course are free and available on my YouTube channel, for design content please contact me via the contact form


In this project a 3HP, 3000RPM permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor was designed for pumping application. A software tool developed for analytic & FEA design of motor using EMDLAB package. The below figure shows the sketch of the motor: The below figure shows the software: Design Steps: Analytic design using object oriented programming in MATLAB Calculation

Request a high-performance computer (128 Cores, 5.8GHz, 8TB NVMe SSD, 256GB RAM) for large-scale problems and extensive optimizations
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