Course Title:

Design of a 0.75kW, 1500RPM SynRM & PMaSynRM and Comparison with Corresponding Induction Motor

Course Contents:

  • 10 live Skype meetings, every meeting between 1.5~2hr
  • Analytic Excel design file
  • MATLAB codes
  • FEA Simulation files

Comments (2)

  1. İsmail



    I am an electrical machine designer. My main field is induction machine. Also I would like to learn how to design other electrical motor types as well. Your priority is SynRM. Because I think it will have great potential in the coming years.

    I am interested in Introductory Course on Design of SynRMs & PMaSynRMs your course. I need soma additional information about course.

    – Which program do you use in this course?
    – How much is the course fee?
    – Is it a regular course or organizing on demand?

    I hope you will ask my questions.

    Kind Regards,

    İsmail KURT

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