Course Contents:

In this part, we will discuss and derive the lumped parameter model of the motor. The lumped parameter model is useful for quick analysis of the drive circuit before using the finite element model of the motor.

To have a real time co-simulation between Maxwell and Simplorer, we need the FEA model of the motor. The advantage of using the FEA model is considering all non-linearity effect in the design of the control system. This is a powerful feature of the ANSYS Simplorer software.

In this course, we will consider two case-study motor. The first one is a surface mounted PMSM, and the next one is an IPM motor. The related videos of the design of these two motor types are available on YouTube channel. You can watch those videos before registering this course.

In this section, we will review the basic terms and definitions in motor control.

In this section, we will review the basic concepts of control systems. Then we will discuss the stability concept and controller design methods. We will try some basic examples in the ANSYS Simplorer software.

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